Hello, about a month ago I posted an issue I was having
making backups to a network USB drive attached to one
of our network node machines. It would never complete the
backup (which was 18gig plus in size) . I would come in the
next morning to find an error message that "Windows was
unable to save the file". Part of the file would already be
written (cause I would look and it would be about 3gig)
but the backup program would still be running and I would
have to cancel it.
Well a day ago I got this idea out of the blue to try Mapping
the drive to my machine and assign it a drive letter Z and assign
the mapped drive a the destination of the backup program instead
of using the standard pathname to the network drive as before..
So I did and last night Stomp's backup completed a 20 gig backup
with no error messages. Anyone care to comment on why it works
with the mapped drive and not otherwise.
------------BackupMyPc Report-------------------
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Job Name: FULL
Backup Job Started - 4/9/2008 5:40:09PM
Backup Device: File Backup Device
Backup Product: Stomp Backup MyPC 4.81 100B40a
Backup Type: Full - all selected files backed up will be marked as archived
Backup Media: MyBackup 00001.qic - 4/9/2008 5:40PM (Y:\MyBackup 00001.qic)
A snapshot (shadow) copy of files that may be in use was made (Volumes:
Processed File Count: 42,239
Total Bytes After Compression: 20,160,973,332
Total Bytes Before Compression: 20,160,973,332
Operation Completed - Yes
Backup Job Ended - 4/9/2008 7:33:31PM
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