Hi everybody,
I have got an interesting question about portmapper possible behavior.

problem description:
I have got a server with 2 network interfaces (2 net cards and IP adresses). On unix system on this server there is running unix system with portmapper.

I need to do:
when a request for rpc service comes from interface 1, I want portmapper to use rpc services A and when a rpc request comes from interfase 2 a want portmapper do use (direct the request) rpc services B

I need to solve:
I do not want to use firewall (or any software) for this. If portmapper could do this for, it would be great (rpc service A, B are almost the same - differs in what it is allowed to do)

Can anybody give an advice? At least, I need to know wheather portmapper can do this. Thanks,
Martin Juracek