I help manage a network that includes at a minimum 6000 users. We are having
an issue where mapped drives are suddenly being dropped. They remain mapped,
but because diconnected, until a "new" session re-establishes a connection.
This means that if someone has a need for a persistent connection to a
network resources, such as a database, that user will eventually be shown an
error message or application will silently close because the connection to
the open file is lost. If the user navigates into the shared resource, the
connection is re-esteablished, but again it will get lost at some random
interval later.

Drives are being mapped as persistent, and they are being added to the
user's profiles. We are using logon scripts with wscript/cscript host objNet
classes, but we have also tried using NET USE to map and mount the drives
without any improvement. In both cases the persistent flag and add to user
profile flag is being used.

Does anyone have any expereince with spontaneous drops of network drives?

Thank You