Hi - I have a remote server with a pubic IP ddress which I would like
to connect back to the corporate LAN via an IPSec Tunnel.
I have sucessfully established a tunnel from the remote server (2003
SP2) to the LAN and I can ping devices within the LAN through the
tunnel. Good so far.

However, I would also like to use IPSec to Block other inbound traffic
coming into the remote server. I have created a Block rule for all
traffic "from Any to Me" but as soon as I enable it, the tunnel also
appears to be blocked.

I also have another more specific rule to Allow traffic for RDP and
this is working as expected and not being blocked by the general
rule. I had thought that the more general (lower weight) Block rule
would not be matched for traffic in the tunnel (higher weight rule) so
why is the tunnel being blocked by the general rule?

Any ideas gratefully received?