On a customer site, they have a NetAsq F50 Firewall and a Windows 2003 SBS.

I'd like to use the Microsoft VPN of this server (and not the Netasq F50 VPN
or PPTP).

I already configured a lot of MS PPTP connection but I'm a newbie with the
NetAsq firewalls. There is no free support or newsgroup for this hardware...

So, I configured the F50 firewall:
- to accept GRE traffic
- to open 1723 tcp port
- to forward pptp (tcp 1723) to the internal server
- and disabled the "preconfigured" settings (VPN, PPTP)

I tried to configure the logging of the NetAsq and see no problem...
In the RAS log of SBS, there is no entry...

So what I am missing?

thank you for your help!