I have spent the last week trying to figure if it is possible to
monitor non-GRE tunnel vpns with SNMP or any type of network
monitoring package. Here is the scenario that I currently I have one
Cisco Router at my location that I have several external Vendors
connect to. Some of these vendors I care if the tunnel is up and
others I do not. I don't always know or have control of what device
my vendors use to connect to my router. The only things I can
completely control is my router and the configuration on it. I don't
have the option of using GRE tunnels with all of my vendors so I
cannot specify an interface with them. I have tried using Cisco's
MIBs and while they will tell me if a tunnel goes up or down, they
can't tell me which tunnel has gone up or down.

My ideal would solution would be the notification of tunnel A going
up or down, while not getting any notifications on tunnel B. I have
spoke to Cisco and done some searches on the web and have not found
anything that would help. Please if anyone has any ideas I would be
interested to hear them.


Joseph Jenkins
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