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Tom Stevens

Michele Jordan wrote:

>Hi all,
>I've put together a list of VPN Servers and VPN clients, and wonder if you
>could help me identify the ones I missed?
>VPN Servers include:
>Juniper Networks Netscreen Platforms
>Juniper Networks Secure Access Platform
>Securepoint Security Suite 2006nx
>Windows 2000, Windows XP, ISA Server, and Windows Server 2003
>Poptop - The PPTP Server for Linux
>OpenVPN - An Open Source SSL VPN
>StrongSwan - IPsec for Linux
>Aventail Smart SSL VPN
>NetMAX VPN Server Suite 5
>Kerio WinRoute Firewall
>Cisco IOS Easy VPN
>Secure VPN Server Suite
>Wolverine Firewall and VPN Server
>OvisGate SSL VPN
>LinkSys 10/100 4-port VPN Router
>InJoy Firewall
>Mac OS X Server
>Nortel VPN Gateway and Routers
>iPig Server Express and Server Pro
>SonicWALL Firewall/VPN Appliances and SSL-VPN Appliances
>Novell BorderManager
>Fortinet FortiGate Systems
>RedHat8 PptpServer
>intY ExoServer
>Firebox SSL VPN and X Series
>Astaro All-in-One Security: VPN Gateway
>Netopia 4500 and 4600 Series Routers
>SnapGear Appliances
>ProSafe VPN Firewall
>TrendNet Cable/DSL VPN Firewall Router
>ArubaOS VPN Server
>Borderware Firewall Server
>Safe@Office Appliances
>Check Point VPN-1 Pro and Edge Appliances
>AEP Net and NSP Appliances
>Symantec Security Gateway Appliance
>Nokia Firewall/VPN Appliance
>Enterasys XSR Security Router
>Avaya SG Security Gateway
>Q-Series Routers
>SafeEnterprise SSL iGate
>PowerWallz ProShield v1000 and x200
>Trustway VPN
>F5 FirePass SSL VPN
>Prodigy Range
>Hot Brick Firewall SOHO and Firewall VPN
>iForce VPN/Firewall
>Innominate mGuard products
>VPN Firewall Brick
>LiSS Security Gateway products
>RouteFinder Appliances
>NETASQ Appliances
>NetSentron 200
>NetStealth Firewall
>Network Box
>iQ Series
>Resilience Firewalls/VPNs
>ServGate EdgeForce
>Stratum 9100
>GTA GB series Firewall/VPN Appliances
>GateProtect Firewall
>Gatecraft Shield
>Eland Systems Sys-2 Series Appliance
>Array Networks SSL VPN Access Gateway
>BorderGuard 6000
>AF2100 and AF7500
>NCP Secure Enterprise Server
>Nucleonet Security Appliances
>PortWise 4.5
>Privador VPN System
>Sequi VPN Gateway Series
>Shiva VPN Gateways
>VPN Solution for Mac
>ZyWall Firewall/VPN Gateway
>Celestix MSA Security Appliance
>VPN Clients include:
>Securepoint Security Suite 2006nx
>Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003
>PPTP Client
>Kerio VPN Client
>Cisco Easy VPN Remote
>Mergic VPN for Palm OS
>LinkSys USB VPN & Firewall Adapter
>InJoy Firewall
>Nortel VPN Client
>iPIG - iOpus Private Internet Gateway
>Watchguard Mobile User VPN
>Astaro Secure Client for VPN Networks
>SoftRemote VPN Client
>NetGear ProSafe VPN Client
>Aruba Mobile Edge Client
>Borderware Sentinel VPN Client
>Checkpoint VPN-1 SecureClient
>Symantec Enterprise Firewall
>Trustway VPN Client
>Hot Brick VPN Client
>Lucent IPSec Client
>LiSS VPN Client
>iQSecure Client
>GTA Mobile VPN Client
>BorderGuard Client
>AF Secure Client
>NCP Secure Client
>Privador SSA
>IP-Granite Workstation Software
>VPN Tracker
>SonicWALL Global VPN Client
>TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client
>D-Link VPN Client Software
>vpnc - client for Cisco EasyVPN
>SSH Tectia Connector and Client
>SafeNet VPN Client Software
>StoneGate VPN Client
>Mac OS X VPN Client
>You can see the lists in context at
> and
>VPN mailing list

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