Thanks for the several replies. (1) These are set by groups and we
have them set that way. The config is so simple it's hard to
understand why it doesn't work (but see below). (2) Yes, the best
answer (if we hadn't found the 'real' one) would have been to enter
the local DNS list into the home DNS server, and that's where we were
going, until....

Now, after all that, a colleague found a document somewhere on the
Cisco site saying that Split DNS was turned off in The
next versions, including, which I'm trying now, turn it
back on. Hm...

All well and good. We didn't even think that the functionality could
be missing in the release we were using, as we ran this by Cisco and
all they said was to configure it in the concentrator, which is
really one checkmark and one domain entry (the one to be sent down
the tunnel). I would have hoped that when they heard the version we
were using, a red flag would have popped up. Guess not.

Thanks, folks!

On 10 Apr 2006 at 11:18, Lee Sweet said:

From: "Lee Sweet"
Date sent: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 11:18:00 -0400
Subject: [VPN] Cisco VPN and split DNS

> Situation: Branch office of ours needs to connect to home office for
> email and other resources. They use Cisco VPN client version
> connecting to Cisco 3000 concentrators. They also need to
> have simultaneous access to local resources.


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