Hello Malcom,

It seems like you are really facing a very serious
situation. I posit you to use Cisco's ipsec VPN
for your moderate needs. It's cogent too.

On 2/28/06, Malcolm Sperry wrote:
> Could someone help me with this? I'm a writer working in the area of vote
> security and have been coming up with some out of the box solutions to the
> problem of the stolen vote.See www.howtorescueamerica.com for a couple of
> them.
> About four years ago I began to notice some rather strange things
> assocciated with my internet connection. I operate wireless because I live
> on a boat that is anchored in a bay in the western part of the US. It is
> anchored only a mile or so away from a military complex.
> I assumed from the beginning that what I do was being monitored and
> frankly, niaively didn't mind. You see I thought government had an
> overriding interest and that it was reasonable for me to put up with such an
> intrusion for the sake of the security of this country.
> The 'strange things' I noticed began the very day I went to post an email
> to various politco-literary websites asking if they would publish an article
> that was eventually published by centrexnews, an on-line experiment of the
> Washington Post. The article was called How To Save America and was very
> well received.
> After that I began to post other rather "creative" solutions to the
> problems we're facing and just when I'd go to post them, my troubles with my
> internet connection would begin again. I mean disconnects, switching to
> other SSIDs and undelivered email.
> I can only guess at the source of my troubles, but it seems unlikely anyone
> would tip their hand by interfering with someone excercising their first
> amendment rights in what must be a highly monitored area such as mine.
> Therefore, I've begun to suspect some government agency or over sealous
> individual within an agency of interfering with the normal process of
> democracy.
> Is this what it all is going to come too? We give government lattitude to
> monitor only to have significant communications interfered with. That is why
> I'm writing you today.
> I'd like to get a VPN. I tried the big VPN service whose name I won't
> mention. It seemed OK, but for some reason decided to go with another
> service in Canada called Findnot. God, talk about a time. From the
> beginning, everytime I'd get on with Findnot my connection would be knocked
> around. Finally I gave up trying and began to wonder why the same thing
> hadn't happened with the other service.
> So, I guess my question is; can anyone recommend a VPN service that I can
> rely on, and maybe more important, how do you know if it is truly reliable?
> Thanks/mac
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