> I'm wondering how solutions like these offer benefit over the tradional
> approach. Assuming a dispreference for IPsec due to its complexity, what
> about something much lighter weight such as OpenVPN? Per above named
> points:
> 1. You (the company/administrator/IT staff) run and administer your
> OpenVPN
> server.
> 2. Assuming you also control your own firewall, you can simply allow
> connections through for the single port number or range of ports you use
> for
> OpenVPN.
> 3. OpenVPN is of course Open Source too.
> To boot, use of this kind of VPN solution provides transparent access to
> the
> LAN or portions thereof as determined by your intentions, making
> authenticated/connected clients virtually an extension of the LAN; no
> per-application bit about it.
> DS

Those are very good points. I was not aware of an Open Source software VPN
product available. I was sure there had to be something out there, but I
have just never heard it mentioned until now. I guess I can just google
OpenVPN and find out more info about it? Since it's open source, are there
multiple-OS versions available (Windows, Linux, etc?)


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