Heya. Unless I misunderstood you, it sounds like you don't
need a VPN for your boss to the office. All (I think) you need is a
remote desktop solution, so that she can see/control the office PC
from home.
If that's correct, the best browser-based solution I know
of is the free LogMeIn solution:


For a non web-browser solution...and at the risk of being
self-promotional...my company recently released a firewall-friendly
VNC-based remote desktop system:


The advantage of the EchoWare Remote Support System is that
you (the service provider) own all of the pieces -- it doesn't rely
on any relay/rendezvous-servers run by someone else.

hope that helps,

On Wed, 16 Nov 2005, Dale Jones wrote:
>> What is the simplest way to VPN my boss from her house to our office.
>> We are all on XP Pro on a peer to peer , I only need to her to see
>> backend Access tables at the office - mostly viewing not updates or
>> transactions.
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