Hi all,

Hi have a Cisco VPN concentrator which I use in
conjonction with a RSA ACE server to authenticate
Once the user is authenticated, the ACE Server sends
back to the concentrator the group this user is
belonging to.
What I would like to do is to be able, for a given
user, to have the choice between 2 groups, depending
on the login syntax. For example : if I login as
user@group1 as login, the user will be assigned to
group 1, if I login as user@group2, the user will be
assigned to group 2.
In other words: for a given unique user, can the RSA
server send back other info to the concentrator, based
on what is behind a "delimiter"(in this case "@")
written just after the username in the login ?

Many thanks for your help,





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