From: Jean-Francois Dive []
> On Wed, Sep 14, 2005 at 08:38:37PM +0000, Alaa Dalghan wrote:
> > hello everyone,
> >
> > I am trying to setup a windows xp machine as a vpn server

> that accepts
> > multiple ipsec tunnels from other windows xp machines.

> best solution, use anoter device which is tailored for what
> you want to
> do. Second best, use openvpn(.org), third best is to try to
> make windows
> accept connection, but the soft which is provided, imho is only a
> client. The last solution which i know used to work somehow is to use
> pptp with the security implications that have been widely covered
> (google for more).

I would second the recommendation on OpenVPN. Finding a "free" utility for
IPsec in Windows to fit everything that you want is probably not trivial.
I'm not aware of any.

OpenVPN does not handle IPsec but does provide equally secure SSL-tunneled
VPN capabilities using a broad collection of strong cipher and hash
algorithms from the OpenSSL project. I have used it with success to acheive
the kind of connectivity you desire. It is a superior solution to PPTP and
more firewall-friendly than IPsec or PPTP. And it is free with a native
Win32 client/server.


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