Hi everybody,

I'm having a problem with a site-to-site VPN between a DLink DI-808HV
and a Cisco PIX 525. I'm using the PIX as a VPN concentrator ending
many site-to-site VPN sessions. The remote HW varies form PIX, Nortel
contivity and 1 DLink DI-808HV. The VPN just drops and it can't get up
again in the PIX I can see the intents of the DLink router to connect
as pending connections, the connections don't get up, if I reset all
the SA's in the PIX the tunnel just comes up, the big problem is that
this takes down all the other active VPN sessions.

I opened a ticket with the DLink tech support and they recommended a
firmware upgrade, that didn't help.
Any of you has an idea of what I can do? I know that replacing the
DLink would work, I'm just trying to get another solution.

Alexis Amaro
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