Hello All,

I've been looking for an application that will do this (to no avail) -
Novell's MOTD comes close but not quite close enough.

I hope you might have some ideas (of where else to look, or maybe a
homegrown solution).

When a user logs into Netware I want something (presumably a login
script) to look up a database (presumably edirectory) to see if a
particular attribute is set.

This attribute will indicate whether the user has already accepted the
terms and conditions for system use (AUP)

If the attribute isn't set then the script displays the AUP and the
user must confirm. The script updates the attribute in edirectory.

If the attribute is set then the AUP isn't displayed and the user can
log in directly.


1. Is there an off the shelf App that will do this (we can slot this
into whatever login script is currently running)

2. Is it possible to do this using the Netware Login Script (can this
interact directly with eDirectory) - Maybe there's a diffreent
scripting option which can interact directly.

3. Or should I give up on Netware doing it and try to cobble something
together using Windows registry and VB, or maybe just use a mapped
drive and 'touch' a file (doesn't scale well though).

Any ideas gratefully received