I am selling Netware server 4.11 5-user license
I bought this couple years ago chiefly to help me get certified although I
deployed it in my home/office setup-obviously that was an overkill since we
only had 2 employees. I no longer have any use for this and must sell.
Everything included in package including license diskettes.

1)The package is Novell Netware for small business 4.11 and it includes all
manuals, 5 x CDs and 2 diskettes.

2)I am also including another Netware package, which I have not
used/installed, so I do not know the status of this: it is
Netware Connect/ConnectView. This comes with manuals and 2 CDs and diskettes
of which some are still sealed and obviously unused. A second set of CDs for
Novell Intranetware 4.11 is also with this.
3)Also included is Arcada backup for Netware (in box with manual).

I am looking for $249 for entire package, whether buyer takes all or not. I
can provide more accurate description by email, but serious buyer should
best call me at (302)-356-1536 (headley) my email is
headleysappletonNoSpam@hotmail.com of course you need to remove the "nospam"