With WinXP client running CSNW against NW411 server, File/New in
Explorer fails when on a short file name volume, ie SYS, but works
correctly on NW volumes with LFNs. What happens is the
File New (or popup menu New) menu contains only a single
entry to create a new folder, while all the other options, new text file,
new zip file, ... are missing.

It works correctly with NT4sp6, Win2Ksp4, and probably anything
else as I don't recall ever seeing it before. I don't have any non sp2
XP machines to test with. All systems involved are running CSNW
as NWClient does not work well for reasons I won't get into here.
I use NWClient only on a few machines for admin purposes.

Anyone know of a simple resolution? I had no luck with NW or google.
As a last resort I will try registry entries in HKCR\.txt\ShellNew\Command
etc to launch batch files but that could get ugly.