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This is a discussion on patch panel - Netware ; patch panels are a must for a network? why do they require? help appreciated thanks...

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  1. patch panel

    patch panels are a must for a network? why do they require? help

  2. Re: patch panel

    Not really a necessity, but certainly strongly suggested.
    When the wires from all the workstations are coming out of the wall,
    they need to be labeled as to where they come from. That is, which
    wire comes from which wall jack. The patch panel helps with that.
    They are easily identified by the label on the panel.

    Anyone that has done much network admin, knows that their goal is
    to get out of work. Seriously. Because it works this way:
    If you were so good as to eliminate 90% of your repetitive work
    as a network admin, the other 10% would still fill a full work week.
    I have really liked being a network admin!!
    So anything you can do to save a minute here, a minute there
    (like tracing and identifying wires) adds up; bigtime.

    The patch panel also greatly helps with keeping the closet neat.
    We've all seen 'rat's nests' in wiring closets and to go into one
    to do tracing and troubleshooting is a nightmare.

    They also give you a good way to terminate the wires from the wall.
    If you need to replace a switch (or router) having the wires (or panel
    jacks) labeled makes putting it all back together a lot easier.

    If a port on the switch goes bad, it's easy to move the patch cable to
    another switch port.

    I recently put in a patch panel for more than just Cat5e. It was a
    retail store. They use a 4-line phone, and with Leviton (and others)
    having the 'snap in' jacks, you can get coax connectors, RJ-11, even
    audio wire wrap terminals.

    I used the panel to 'tap-into' the 4 lines to run each into a jack, then I
    could use
    that point as a tester with a single-line phone to check dial tones.
    The wires then went on to the (2) jacks for the phone. I also used one of
    4 lines for a fax line. This gave me a breakout point to go from line-in
    to patch panel
    jack, out to a com-switch (to switch an incoming call to a phone, fax, or
    Then from the com-switch back to my patch panel to an outbound jack, on to
    fax machine.

    I also brought coax from the television on the wall (about 20 feet away) to
    the panel.
    Then the jack on the panel could be connected to the vcr or dvd in the data

    Makes for a much neater install, and sooooooo much easier to access the
    wires, make changes, and make connections.

    Even in homes, with all the multimedia going in, I'd say a PP is a

    Always label, and make neat. Act like someone else will be the one to do
    the troubleshooting
    and you need to make it easier for them to find what they are looking for.
    If we all did that, then some day we could be the one troubleshooting a neat
    install that
    someone else made.


  3. Re: patch panel

    thanks for ur inputs; how do you check the cables for transmission
    loss!? what device is normally used for it; i've got a problem for the
    connection to a weighing scale (works at the speed 10mbps) is coming
    unstable; i changed the switch and changed the cable; no luck; what
    could i check next? appreciate ur help

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