I have just installed a new UPS (PowerWare 5125) to our NetWare 5 Server. I
tried to install the LanSafe program (5.0.6) and the installation went fine.
But when the program starts it tries to load PMSRVC.NLM and I get the
following error:

Loading module PMSRVC.NLM
LanSafe Power Monitor - Member
Version 5.06d 2004 December 20
Copyright (c) 2002-2003, Powerware Corporation
SERVER-5.00-918: Loader cannot find public symbol:
NWGetNetWareProductVersion for module PMSRVC.NLM
SERVER-5.00-1548: Load file referenced undefined public variable.
Module PMSRVC.NLM NOT loaded

Anyone who knows what could be wrong?

Tomas Gustafsson