We are using Novell 4.11 file servers for file and print services, and when
users are updating small text files with Notepad the modification date does not
change. We also have the same problem if files are modified using SAS 6.12. Some
people are using Novell Client 4.83 sp3, and some are using 4.9 sp2.
Creating files does give them the correct creation date, and if you look at
"properties" on the file after it has been modified it does show the current
date as the date accessed.
If I edit the file with wordpad, the modification date is correctly set.
If I set up a brand new XP system, it doesn't show the same behavior. Does
anyone know of a registry setting or novell client setting that could be causing
this problem? When the people edit files on their local hard drives the
modification date is correct.
David F. Curtin, FPG Child Development Institute