My neighbor gave me this old compaq (can't remember which model, the
processor is an AMD K6 2 533 mhz) The hard drive was all messed up
when I got it, and it didn't come with a restore disk or anything, so I
set out to format the hard drive and put my copy of Windows XP on it.
Well, I deleted the partitions, and got all the way through the format,
and at the end of the format it tells me it was unable to complete the
format and that the disc may be damaged. So I took the hard drive out,
and hooked it up to another one of my computers, and what do you know,
windows XP installs fine. I put the hard drive back in the compaq, and
it says "Unreadable Disk" when it tries to boot. So I restarted the
process of formatting the drive in the Compaq, and same thing, it gets
all the way through the format process, and at the end says it was
unable to format. Can anybody tell me what is going on here and what I
need to do to get this thing running?