We have a central user object which has several shared folders supposed
to be used as company wide boards, i.e. they are shared with each and
every gw-user. Since recently, though, when adding documents to these
folders they are visible only to the users within that central user's
post office. Even deleted docs won't disappear but within this post
office. We've changed from GW6 to 6.5.2beta in May but haven't
experienced this initially.
Have tried so far: gwcheck on the central user's mailbox, on his
postoffice and on one of the other po's, the latter resulting in the
folders showing totally empty in these po's. Then deleting the docs from
the folder and putting them in again, then making a new folder in the
central user's account and sharing it: all to no avail.
Any ideas?

Ulrich Eggert