Hello all,

If anyone can help me with the following question, it will be
appreciated ...

The network manager of my building (I live in a university dorm)
blocked all ports to traffic originated outside the building. Even
though this might be a good security decision, it is causing problems
to people like me who needs to access his home computer from a lab in
the university. Before the blockage, I was able to initiate the
connection and login to my home computer from the university labs. My
question: Is there any software (maybe along the lines of a Virtual
Private Network) that would allow me to access my home computer even
though it is behind a server that won't answer calls originated
outside of the dorm? I could start the software in the morning,
before leaving the dorm, and then try to access it from my lab.

Note that the other way around has no problems. This is, I am able to
connect to my lab's computer from my home without problems.

Both computers (home and lab) are running Windows XP Professional.

Hector C.