Hi group,

one of our customers is searching for a way to free up disk space on
their Netware 6.0 servers. They don't want to touch the existing
hardware, i.e. by installing new hard drives. One possible solution
would be to use hierarchical storage management to move files that
have not been accessed for some time to some other place. Tape storage
is considered to slow. If possible, the moved files should be kept in
a central place.

As I'm not an expert concerning HSM, I would greatly appreciate to
hear your opinion on the following proposals. I'm not even sure that
Netware 6 does still provide HSM natively, so maybe solution 2 isn't a
solution at all... I've googled for hours and read almost every piece
of web page on novell.com, but could not find information about it.
Either the answer is not there, or my eyes had just grown to tired to
see it.

Solution 1 (works, but how about performance?):
Install a SUN Solaris server which provides HSM on it's local
hardrives. Move all files from the Netware servers to the SUN box and
use Novell NFS Gateway to mount the SUN's exports on the Netware

Solution 2 (does it work? how about performance?):
Install whatever NFS server in the network. Use Novell NFS gateway and
Netwares HSM capabilities to move untouched files to the NFS exports
of this server.

I'd be glad if someone could shed some light on me.

Thanks in advance