I am unable to write a file to a netware directory from DocsOpen. It
is a very strange problem. The configuration is that I have DocsOpen
3.9.5 (latest patch) and Netware 6 and Netware client version 4.90
sp1a. DocsOpen basically writes a document to a file share and stores
data about it in a SQLServer database. When I reference the netware
share as \\n6\data\home\user1\mydata then the file can not be copied
from the local drive to the share. When I reference the netware share
as the drive letter that I have it mapped as h:\mydata, then it works
fine. I can not use the drive letter for what I need to do. So I
need to get this to work with the UNC path. The user I am logged in
as in a network user with local admin rights and netware admin rights.
I would appreciate any help you can give me.