Karta Technologies, Inc., the Can Do Company, has an 18 -year track
record of nearly 50% growth per year, providing innovative technology
solutions to federal, DoD and commercial clients. Our dynamic and
innovative growth is a result of nationally recognized distinctions in
solving client technology and management challenges for Medical
Information Technology, Information Assurance, Sustainment
Engineering, Logistics, Healthcare Management, Environmental Services.
We are looking for a person to work as a technical team member for
Active Directory Project. This will include helping build the test
participate in the AD design, testing and validation, and also help in
DR/and security procedures. This contractor will be heavily involved
in the deployment phase as well as the migration of application
servers from NT
4.0 domains to the new ADS tree. This Individual could possibly help
address additional workload related to general server growth in 2000
2003 applications, and increasing involvement in the application
development process (capacity planning, performance and systems
3-4 yrs Active Directory experience with total of 5-7 yrs Microsoft
technologies experience required.
Migrating experience from Novell/Netware/NDS to Windows 2000 of Active
Directory is Required. It is a one year project in San Antonio.
If you think you are a good fit for the positon please send me your
resume otherwise please pass it on to the people with the right

Harvinder Singh
Ph: 800-725-2782 x3302