Hi everyone,

I saw that in the past some people have posted questions
and comments in this group regarding the "NMI: Parity Check error"
that seems to occur in PC-based OSs.

I experienced the error a couple of years ago myself, and wrote
an article about it for my blog.

The steady stream of responses since that day from people with the
same exact problem has been considerable. Most of them also voiced
frustration about the lack of information on the web about the error.

This prompted me to pull together what resources and error reports
I could find and create a dedicated section for it on my site:

I hope that this site will be of good use to people looking
for more information about the error. I encourage anybody who
has found a solution (that hasn't been mentioned yet) or has
run into a variant of the error to email me (spaddock at direcway
dot com), so I can add their reports and comments to the site.


- Simone

PS: I've posted this message in other relevant groups, so please
don't yell at me if you run across this post elsewhere again.
Its intent is simply to provide information, not to spam.