Its been some time since I posted my plea for help and I've since
learnt a few things.

Firstly Mr Gersic suggested that my files would all become corrupted
if I didn't install the post-fix for SP3, ie NW6NSS3B.

I haven't, and our files are fine (well sort of).

HOWEVER we do still have our Eudora problem and I have now discovered
that it occurs with .mbx files that have been compressed.

If I view the mailbox before transferring an email to it the whole
procedure will work fine. But if I transfer an email to a .mbx that
hasn't been accessed recently and has become compressed then it will
blank out the whole of the existing mailbox and append the new email
to the end.

The only instance we have of this problem is with Eudora - no other
applications are causing problems. I can safely look at any other
compressed file on the system.

My theory is that because Eudora APPENDS data to an mbx file in the
case of transferring emails there is a problem with APPENDING to a
compressed file.

Whether this is Eudora's fault or Netware's I don't know.

I'm quite willing to install the post-SP3 fix now that its out of beta
and I can make this problem occur at will (I didn't know how to

Has anyone else find behaviour like what I'm describing and believe
the NW6NSS3B patch will fix it?