We have some new Macs running OS X 10.2.6 connecting to Netware 5.0. A
few of the Macs a iMac and eMac are having problems staying connected to
the Netware server using AFP. They can mount the volume and do a litte
transversing of the directory system but then will lock up and get a
spinning pinwheel. We other new iMacs, G4s and eMacs that don't seem to
exibit this problem. The iMac has had the OS reinstalled, pram reset,
Root user setup, permissions reset and worked for a while but then
suddenly stopped. I don't know if it is a protocol, network timing,
permissions or Mac hardware issue. All Macs running 8-9.x connect to
Netware server just fine. If you have any suggestions or ideas I would
be interested in hearing them. Thanks for your time.

Bruce Eveland
Erb Memorial Union
Univ of Oregon