After installing Netware 6 on a new Dell 2600 Poweredge Server, loading
SLPDA with the default settings, and connecting it to a 3Com 4300 Gigabit
Switch through the gigabit module in the back and uplinking other switches
to the 10/100 ports many workstations had problems seeing the newly
installed tree. The workstations had no problem if the IP address of the
server was entered into the tree field of the client login screen. Initially
multicast filtering, spanning tree protocol, and broadcast storm control
were all turned on. I turned off multicast filtering and broadcast storm
control and most workstations I tested worked fine. However, a few
workstations could see the tree but when I tried to browse the context I
received a message saying that the tree had no context. My next guess was to
turn off spanning tree protocol, but I have not had the chance yet. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.