We have a large number of NT4 SP6a and 2000 SP2 machines running
Client Service for Netware. We use a tool called Blockade to handle
synchronisation of passwords across NT, Netware Bindery and Mainframe.
The problem we have is that as soon as you are prompted to change
your NT password, the 'Change Password On Netware' screen immediately
appears. We don't have any NDS Trees, so there is no need for this
screen, and users become confused by it, clicking OK when they need to
click CANCEL. This causes loads of calls to our IT HelpDesk. Anyone
know how to get rid of this screen? Novell.com doesn't seem to
mention anything useful... The only thing I can think of is writing a
service that searches for and kills "Change Password On Netware"
screens, installing it on all our machines, and setting it run
automatically at Startup. There must be a better way...?