Hi All,

I'm running a netware 4.11 backup server with Arcserve 6.6. I'm also
running a windows 2000 Novell 4.83 cliet.

My problem is that when I launch Windows Arcserve manager and click on
the Job Queue option I get the following: a box comes up "error has
occurred in your application, if you choos ignore you should save your
work in a new file. If you choose close your application will

So I choose ignore or close, same result. A second box comes up
saying "Arcserve caused a general protection fault in module

I've seen a couple of posts on this error, but they all involved the
Novell 3.2 client and an older patch in Arcserve. I've got all of the
recent patches and no fix. There is something about using "extended
file handles" I'm not sure if turning this off or on will fix the
problem, because I don't know how to turn them off or on.

Please give me any suggestions you can. Thank you