According to the properties of the server in Explorer, I have lost my
connection licenses for all 3 netware servers after applying SP6e to 3 5.1
servers. I can't even log in as admin on one of the servers when trying to
remove and reinstall licenses. When attempting to map a drive on one of the
servers, I get error code 8901. The TID says to remove any eval licenses.
However, I can't even log in at the server console as admin to remove the

I use Tapeware backup software and it cannot communicate with that same

Management Portal is broken after patch (get login page but nothing else).

We can see and access the volumes on the servers from both Win 98 and XP Pro

Cannot access license info either in NWAdmin32 or ConsoleOne. (Trustees and
Inherited rights are not shown).

Any help would be appreciated.

Dave Morphy
Killian Hill Christian School