I'm thinking about migrating from Netware 4.2 to Netware 6. But I'm
worried about how radical of a difference to administer it from the 4.2
version. I've never worked with Netware 6. I have mixture of Win98, DOS,
Win2K, and XP clients - all adding up to about 50 users. Currently I
have one server with 3 network cards with 3 different network partitions
running IPX. I want to migrate to pure IP. Is having 3 network
partitions a problem with IP network under NW6? Also, currently, our
management is too cheap to invest in good network cabling in our
building. We have one network partition where cables are going from
switch to switch to switch to server. The cables were strung up in
house, as we grew, and now it's running all over outside the inside
walls and floors. It has been no problems with IPX and our current
server. But will this be a problem when I upgrade to a brand new server
and NW6 running pure IP?

I'm also running Pegasus/Mercury mail on Netware 4.2. I want to convert
to Groupwise. How difficult is it to configure and manage Groupwise?

What's holding me back is the unknown. For instance can DOS clients
connect using IP? Can I run two protocols (IP and IPX) on the same
network card? Would I need training to administer Netware 6?

And generally, what are some of the important issues that I need to know
to upgrade to version 6?