Hi All, I´m here to ask you people if there is anyway to access
windows´s shared resources from DOS VLM netware clients ?

To explain better:

I have a network of DOS and Windows CLIENTS and 2 Servers, a Windows
2000 Server, and a Netware 4.11

Both servers coexists perfectly for Windows CLIENTS, but the DOS
Clients I can only connect them to only one(since I need the
convencional memory, I can only run 1 of the network client´s
softwares) most the time they are conected to netware, and using it as
File / Print server.

But for a part of my softwares, I need the DOS clients, to be able to
right files into the Windows Server too.

The software uses file interfaces to connect between modules(DOS <->
WIN), and the time needed for a batch app to copy the file from the
netware to the windows, and after procesing, back to the netware is too
much, also considering the softwares are capable of working with
window´s directory hooks to cut off directory pooling time and cpu
consumption. (Time is very important, since some processes are consumer
related, and the less time it takes, the best for the consumer)

So is there anyway for me to be running NW VLM Client on the DOS
computers and through it connect to windows shared resources?

I´ve seen a couple of KB sheets on Microsoft´s site but only thing I
found is a ( free / trial ) ? Microsoft Direcory Sincronization Service
wich I can´t install because I don´t use Microsoft Active
Directory(Wich is more than expectable since it´s working as App
server and not as net controller like NW´s).
Thnaks in advance, Any help would be very appreciated