To anyone who likes helping others:
For educational purposes, I just installed Netware for small business 4.11
server on a Celeron 533/128MB/20GB. My home network consist of a cable
connection with DHCP. Usually only one or two machine are ever active (Its
basically an education lab)
I really had no major problems installing the server, but after I installed
the client on the administrative machine and typed in ADMIN as per
instruction I get: (Login-4.20.42-100: Access has been denied). If I browse
network neighborhood, I can see the Netware server, but I still cannot
BTW: not sure if this is related to the problem, but during this time when I
look at the server I get the two messages below that alternate between each
other at about 10 minutes intervals.
(1) 1.12.51pm CSL -2.5-15 Call for protocol IP to destination YOURISP
queued until port becomes active
(2) 1.17.47pm CSL -2.5-12 call disconnection for protocol IP to destination
YOURISP. The event occurred for unknown reason.

please Help


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