I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but
haven't found something better.

I'm trying to connect to a site via FTP (I used both the FTP command
in my DOS prompt window, and CuteFTP, an FTP application). Although
someone I'm working with is able to connect from her site without a
problem, I cannot - it won't accept my login. I'm able to connect to
the site, but it won't accept my password. (The other person who is
able to do it successfully is using the same ID and password.)

I *am* able to FTP to my ISP's FTP site on sonic.net with no problems,
so I don't have a general connectivity problem on my PC. I just can't
seem to get to this specific site. I don't think this is a problem
with being unauthorized, since as I said, I'm using the same ID and
password as the person who is able to FTP just fine from her PC.

Any suggestions as to where else I might look for problems?


J. Wermont

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