After attempting to install Service Pack 6e on 3 NetWare 5.1 servers, the
entire network really slowed to a crawl. There is now so much latency that
I cannot get workstations to pick up IP addresses at startup from the DHCP
server. In fact, DNS/DHCP in NDS will not work. I am having to use a
separate DHCP server which does not ping before issuing IPs :-(

Most of the workstations will eventually pick up an IP address from the DHCP
server, but not reliably. The problem has gotten so bad that on most of our
110 workstations I am using static IPs, but I don't want to leave it this

We are using HP Procurve 4000M switches (have a total of 4 of them) and have
the latest firmware installed. The servers are connected via a 1Gbs copper
link. DHCP is very slow even for workstations connected to the same switch
as the servers.

Any suggestions are welcome.