I'm having trouble accessing a shared user disk on my Netware server and
I am not familiar with how things should look on my WinXP client.

I have a Netware 3.11 network server at home I have been running for
years, using OS/2 clients. The server is named nw_server and it has 2
disks available: "sys" and "user"

I recently brought up a WinXP machine and created a user profile on the
server for it that matches the user profiles that have been working all
these years.

If I click on explorer > entire network > netware or compatible network
> nw_server, it shows me icons for the two disks: sys and user. I can

access sys, but I get an error message when I click on user:

"\\nw_server\user is not accessible. You might not have permission to
use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to
find out if you have access permissions. No network provider accepted
the given network path."

If I highlite the nw_server and then click on file menu > nw_server >
whoamI, it tells me:

"Server: nw_server
User name: Me
Connection type: Bindery, Logged in"

"Me" is the username that appears in a Netware login screen during WinXP
bootup, and is the name I used for the user profile on the server.

So, if I'm logged on to the server, and the user profile matches my
other user profiles, why can't I access the "user" disk on the server?