I haven't a clue as to how to use a shared hard drive partition on a
Novell 3.12 server (named "My_nw_server") from my newly-installed WinXP

The problem is that I'm not sure how to set up WinXP to access the
Novell 3.12 server (although I tried), and I don't know how things
should look on WinXP after the client has been installed and is working.

I am a novice on Novell and on WinXP. Attended a Novell install class
about 8 years ago, came home and set up a 3.12 5-user server on an old
PS/2 machine. Rarely ever have to touch the server, just turn it on &
off. I've since forgotten most of the Novell stuff.

The physical connections are made via a LinkSys ethernet hub, which has
the 3 computers and a DSL modem plugged into it. I created login scripts
for a few userid's. My other 2 computers have been running OS/2
operating system and are able to login to the server and use the shared
"User100mb" partition I had set up there, as well as access the internet
through the DSL modem.

Now I've set up one of my client machines to be able to dual-boot WinXP
Pro. I downloaded & installed the WinXP client program from Novell's
website. Now when I boot WinXP, I get a Novell Client for Windows
V4.90.0.0 logon screen. It already contains a userid, and I should not
need a password, so I simply hit the enter key (or mouse click) to
continue booting WinXP.

The problem is that from WinXP I can see the "Sys" partition on the
server (see below), but I cannot access the "User100mb" partition.

I did set up a login script on the server (simply copied the working
script used by existing login names on my other OS/2 machine). No error
messages are returned when I sign on to WinXP at bootup.

Clicking on Explorer>My Network Places>Novell Connections gives me a
blank window (nothing shows up), which doesn't seem right, but is less
troubling than the following...

Clicking on Explorer>My Network Places>Entire Network>Netware
Services>My_nw_server>sys gives me a list of folders on the server "Sys"
partition, which seems fine.

Clicking on Explorer>My Network Places>Entire Network>Netware
Services>My_nw_server>user100mb, I get an error message:

"\\My_nw_server\user100mb is not accessible. You might not have
permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of
this server to find out if you have access permissions. No network
provider accepted the given network path."

I am the administrator, of course. What am I doing wrong? How do I set
things up so I can see the "user100mb" drive on the server?