A friend or mine is trying to setup a Layer 2 DSL connection on his novell
machine. His connection comes with 1 static IP address etc. They are using
a DSL300+ modem from D-Link (builtin PPPoE).

The modem can connect up fine, and does its thing. There is a problem
however with the IP addressing in this novell box. The IP address is a C
class, with subnet of

The first problem is that novell complains about the subnet mask being all
ones. Thats not a huge problem as it can be faked. The second problem is
that novell won't allow the gateway address to be the same as the IP
address. If we don't set a static IP on novell, allowing them modem to
assign one, it assigns the standard address etc. The DSL300+
modem then is designed to assign the same IP we're trying to get novell to
use, and it just won't get picked up.

Since there isn't any PPPoE implementation I am aware of, how would one
get this connection working with the C class address with 32 bit subnet
mask & the gateway being the same IP. Seems strange that even windows can
handle this .


Michael Collard