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>Hello there,
>I'm hoping that someone out there can possibly give me some ideas regarding
>a most perplexing problem that I'm experiencing. My company is running a
>Novell 5.1 network with mixed NT4(sp6) and '98 workstations. The problem
>I'm having is with an NT box. I'm quite experienced with the admin chores
>of an NT network, so any suggestions don't have to be "dummied down." (I
>hope, for my sake!!) ;-)
>Anyhow, on this particular company's system, each user has a "user" folder
>on the Novell system mapped to a drive letter (M) on their Windows boxes
>when they log in by a simple login script. There is one NT workstation
>(v4.0, build 1381, sp6) giving me trouble--and it's some strange trouble!
>When the user of that machine logs in with his username/pw, everything seems
>fine. His Novell drive is mapped, etc. He can read from and write to his
>network drive, and "save as..." directly to his mapped drive. However, when
>using Excel 2000, and ONLY Excel 2000, and ONLY when logged in as this user
>at his particular workstation, doing a "save as..." from Excel to the mapped
>Novell drive requires several minutes to save a 45k file. The file does
>eventually save successfully. MS Word 2k does not exhibit this
>behavior--neither does any other app. Only Excel 2k. If I log into this
>particular workstation as myself, everything works fine. The user of this
>machine and myself have the EXACT SAME Novell and NT privs. In fact, I
>created my account my simply copying his account and changing the
>username/pw for experiment's sake. I have tried a re-install of Office 2k
>AND Nt4. Same story. Other than this problem, his network connection works
>EXACTLY as expected. Workarounds DO work--for instance, I can save a file
>from Excel 2k to the desktop and then copy/paste or drag it to his mapped
>drive with no problem--and the save to the Novell drive takes under a second
>as expected. The issue only occurs when I try to save directly to the
>mapped drive from Excel 2k. If I log in as this user from another NT
>workstation and attempt a "save as..." from Excel 2k to the same mapped
>drive, the problem does not occur!. Only when I log in as this user from
>that specific NT box...
>As you can imagine this issue is driving me nuts. Since everything works
>fine except for direct Excel saves to the mapped drive I am hesitant to buy
>another NIC because that couldn't be the problem--could it?
>Any help that anyone can give me with this will be GREATLY appreciated. I'm
>also going to xp this to the comp.sys.novell ng to see if anyone there has
>any ideas.
>Thank you!
>Ron Damato
>Consumers Digest Magazine

Almost sounds like a 'path' issue or an NT permissions issue. I would
try creating a new UID on the workstation as opposed to
copy/paste/rename. I've seen some screwy stuff due to SID's.