I'm trying to move my old bugs from a bugzilla database 2.18 version
to a new install in a new machine with 3.4.4. We have:

1.- mysqldump --opt --password=sockmonkey --user=bugs bugs

2.- Copy old localconfig to new bugzilla installation.

3.- mysql -u root -p --execute="DROP DATABASE bugs; CREATE DATABASE
bugs CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;"

4.- mysql -u root -p --max_allowed_packet=16M bugs <

5.- Run checksetup.pl again

But I obtain the following menssage:
The following variables are no longer used in ./localconfig, and
have been moved to ./localconfig.old: opsys, priorities, severities,

This version of Bugzilla contains some variables that you may want to
change and adapt to your local settings. Please edit the file
../localconfig and rerun checksetup.pl.

The following variables are new to ./localconfig since you last ran
checksetup.pl: db_driver, site_wide_secret

Can I correct it?

Thanks a lot!