I just had a new install of Bugzilla v 3.4.4 on windows server 2000.
The remote oracle database is 10g. We are using ActiveState perl v
5.10.1 and DBD-oracle v 1.21. The machine on which bugzilla is
installed has oracle 9 installed. During installation I had noticed a
lot oracle .dll errors and I had resolved it by copying all ora*.dll
files from bin folder under oracle 9 installation to C:\Perl\lib\auto
\DBD\Oracle. The performance of bugzilla is quite slow loading almost
all the pages. I am wondering what are the strategies other bugzilla
users deploy to debug performance related issues? Could it be because
of my oracle setup? Are there any installation factors to be
considered mod_perl/.cgi etc. ? I am not really a perl programmer but
a web developer so given some hints, I can try out some things.