I currently distribute a Firefox plugin with my web app, as a bundled
component, but I don't want it to be automatically updated via the
updateURL. I can't let the plugin get out of step with the web app, as
they need to be tested as a pair, so I include it and reference it
using an tag in the HTML of the web app, like this:


If I deliver a new version of the web app, I would like the plugin to
automatically be updated on client machine's, but only from the web
app source itself.

Right now, this is not working. It does nothing to the previously-
deployed plugins, even when I put a newer version up on the web site.

My install.rdf contains the minimal set of XML needed for this (at
least I think so).

If you could take a look and let me know if I am missing something, I
would appreciate it!


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