in the company I work for we have a servlet that serves pages with
ActiveX components. The company is switching over to Firefox but these
pages still have to work. Firefox is delivered with the IE-Tab plug-in
preinstalled but I have no influence in what URL-filters are set up to
automatically switch to IE-mode and there are too many users for me to
set a new filter manually. So I need to either
- programmatically set a URL-filter
- have the web-page that is delivered tell the plug-in that it is
supposed to switch to IE-mode

I took a look at the IE-tab source code and see those two interfaces
#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(8fdcb7bc-43ed-462e-979d-4a746f9b223c)]
interface nsIIeTab : nsISupports
void updateAll();
void addIeTab(in wstring url);
void loadIeTab(in wstring url);
void closeIeTab();
void onProgressChange(in long progress);
void onSecurityChange(in long security);

[scriptable, uuid(c36b7d1b-5818-42b2-965c-f5851f6f1122)]
interface nsIIETabPlugin : nsISupports
attribute nsISupports requestTarget;
readonly attribute boolean canClose;

readonly attribute boolean canBack;
boolean goBack();
readonly attribute boolean canForward;
boolean goForward();
boolean navigate(in wstring url);
readonly attribute boolean canRefresh;
boolean refresh();
readonly attribute boolean canStop;
boolean stop();

readonly attribute long progress;
readonly attribute long security;

readonly attribute wstring url;
readonly attribute wstring title;

boolean saveAs();
boolean print();
boolean printPreview();
boolean printSetup();

readonly attribute boolean canCut;
boolean cut();

readonly attribute boolean canCopy;
boolean copy();

readonly attribute boolean canPaste;
boolean paste();

boolean selectAll();
boolean find();

boolean viewSource();

void focus();

I guess I need to call the loadIeTab or addIeTab function but since I
am a beginner in web-related things, I don't know how to get a hold of
the object that implements the interface. I tried to learn from the
documentation but I only found a way using a contract-id and I can't
find the contract-id of IE-tab in the source code.

Can anyone tell me how to get the object that lets me call the methods
to switch to IE-mode?

Thanks in advance