On Feb 17, 12:09*am, Lou wrote:
> Erwin Castellanos wrote:
> > I recently installed SM 2.0.2 in spanish and works fine, but when I click the
> > white "X" to exit SM pop up a dialog box whit two buttons saying "Reiniciar %S"
> > and the other one "Reiniciar". I noticed that this "error" comes from the version 2.,
> > may be this will appear corrected in then next update.

> >http://www.freeimagehosting.net/imag...abf629b745.jpg

> I think this might be an error in translation. *The English version has
> 3 options if you close the browser with multiple tabs. "Quit", "Save and
> Quit", and "Cancel". *I'm assuming that "Reiniciar %S" saves your tabs,
> while "Reiniciar" quits without saving the tabs.
> Lou

Thanks Lou,
I know that, but I installed SM in Spanish to a friend and he felt so
confused with this 3
buttons, I will try the next update to see if the buttons were