I may or may not be in the right place to ask this question because I
don't think it's a browser problem, but hopefully someone may be able
give me an answer or steer me to a place where I can get an answer.

About a month ago I started having problems with SeaMonkey 1.1.18
hanging when going from website to website. When I click a link
sometimes it will go to the new site right away, sometimes the page
start to load then just set there. If I click on the stop button then
click the link again it will usually load right away or if I right
click the page then click reload that works too. I am having the same
on three different computers trying three different browsers so I
think maybe Charter is having problems because a friend across town is
having the same problem.

I have called Charter and they deny having any problems. My problem is
I don't know enough about servers in general to give them any
argument, but I'm almost sure the problem is on their end. I was
thinking maybe something like overloaded servers. I don't think it
could be a problem with Seamonkey, but I could be wrong.

Thanks for any help