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> Private wrote:
> > For some odd reason firefox is hanging and not closing properly.
> > almost every time, *I have to go to task manager to end the task. *It
> > will be using anywhere from 25 to 100 percent of CPU. * And sometimes
> > I will get the error message, *program access denied by system. *When
> > this happens I have to reboot my computer in order to clear firefox so
> > I can restart it. * *This started with 3.5.6, *and then I upgraded to
> > 3.5.7 *hoping it would fix it, *but still the same problem.

> > Any suggestions are very welcome. * I am using windows XP pro with sp
> > 3. *

> It might be that one of your Firefox plug-ins is not quitting properly,
> and Firefox waits for the plug-in to do the right thing. *I have seen
> this a few times after watching an embedded video on a web page.
> (A) *Try disabling your plug-ins, until the problem goes away.
> * * * * * Tools Add-ons Plugins
> * * *Select plug-in, click the "Disable" button which appears beside it.
> (B) *Or maybe you know what sites you visit and this happens after
> * * *those visits but not before.
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> Ralph

You may be right about the problem with a plugin not quitting
properly. However the most effective way would be to start in Safe
Mode with all plugins disabled. If all is fine, you can re-enable one
plugin at a time to try and figure out which is the problem. By doing
the reverse as you suggest (removing one at a time) you may end up
going through all of them and still have the problem. By starting in
SafeMode first you establish that bare bones FF can run properly. If
not, you are wasting your time testing plugins because the problem
present even when no plugins are enabled.

There is also a possibility that it's a combination of two plugins
causing the problem. In that case, testing the possibilities becomes
a much greater pain.