On Feb 9, 4:19*pm, "David McRitchie" wrote:
> "Fox on the run"
> > And Mozilla should not approach this as "Oh, we can't let MS get this
> > one on us." *Rather they need to undertake this initiative because
> > they want to contribute to the efforts to protect the innocent. * // *JB

> In order for Mozilla to support providing child safe content
> they would have to become a content provider. * *Microsoft owns MSN. * *
> Netscape at one time tried to be everything and ended up where? * *All that I
> can see * Mozilla doing is assisting in selecting and providing the tools and
> options for parents and schools to set up. * It is quite possible to lock down
> Firefox in a public kiosk type environment but it takes some doing.

Did you read http://www.ceop.gov.uk/ie8/ ? Nowhere do I see where it
says MS will be providing/controlling the content. CEOPS provides the
content. MS simply facilitates integrating it in IE. Any other
browser could approach CEOPS and other such agencies in Canada, the
US, Australia, Germany, etc and strike the same deal. I can't imagine
CEOPS locked themselves into a deal with MS so it shouldn't be a
problem to do the same with other browsers. But again, this is UK
specific. You won't see that in North America unless a similar deal
is struck here between the Canadian & US counterparts to CEOPS and MS
Canada & MS in the US.